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Time Based Analysis gathering data animation.

Most organisations contain a lot of waste when viewed through the lens of time, this can easily be removed by Value Adding Employees using Time Based Analysis.


In order to transform an organisation, we must first look at the entire organisation and its inputs to outputs (End to end) processes, not just the islands of efficiency.


Financial performance measurement cannot see or measure the untapped potential or waste that exists within organisations. Sadly, many organisations that held a lot of potential have been closed or moved off-shore, these actions could have been avoided.


Organisational analysis is still in its infancy and many attempts to improve productivity, improve service levels and reduce costs tend to ignore analysis of the problem and instead blindly apply off the shelf packages. The “Lets try this or that’ era must end.


Value adding employees are your best improvement consultants since they know and are aware of problems, constraints and bottlenecks at the detailed process level. To communicate problems to senior management a time-based analysis framework is used, if value adding capability and time are ignored, critical linkages and communication are lost.


Tracking a product, service or health patient always identifies a lot of waste and non-value adding time.

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